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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 18, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone. we've got great videos "right this minute." a transgender couple after a university is hit -- >> with a barrage of bomb threats. >> hear about the case that has students sick of evacuating. >> people are definitely starting to get annoyed. >> a student caught crawling on his belly. >> through a t-mobile store. were they open? >> i'm going to guess no. a 5-year-old boy gets lost. and 25 years later still desperately searches for his family. finally with the help of google earth, he zooms in on the neighborhood that he vaguely remembered. here is a clue that led to an
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astonishing reunion. and when a crab clamps onto your hand, you know it. >> i'm so scared. >> she won't just yank it off. just yank it off. >> the story of one girl's good deed that did not go unpunished. >> steven will get things started "right this minute." >> the university of pittsburgh has been hit by a barrage of bomb threats in week, more than 60 since february 13th. the university has been working with the fbi, the u.s. attorney's office, local police. they have even offered $50,000 as a reward for information. well, this week officials have pinpointed two persons of interest. they happen to be this trans gendered couple you're seeing here. 22-year-old katherine
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mccloskey born a male but identifies as a female. they were called to testify in front of a grand jury this week. >> we didn't do it. we had nothing to do with the bomb threat. they are despicable. >> they are persons of interest. seamus you see in the suit was expelled from the university of johnston campus in january over issues of johnston using the men's locker room repeatedly. johnston has a number of lawsuits pending against the university. that's sort of why they believe they are being targeted. >> payback from the university because we're suing them. >> the couple says they are willing for cooperate. they are not suspects. this is a huge hassle for students. joining us is a sophomore from the university of pittsburgh. lauren bernlgen. you had to be evacuated because of bomb threats two times in the middle of the night. tell us about that.
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>> the alarm goes off. you have to leave the building. it's pry difficult. we have finals coming up next week, papers and tests, all that kind of stuff. >> there were two threats yesterday. how frequent are these things happening? >> at one point it was just about every couple of hours you'd get some. sometimes there are multiple buildings at one time. >> people started to get annoyed and not want to evacuate the buildings because these threats keep happening over and over again. >> people are definitely starting to get annoyed. i know a fair amount of people that have gone home to complete the semesters at home by e-mailing assignments and completing online because it's just exhausting. i've got some security camera footage that looks like it belongs in a hollywood movie. cue the music from snellville, georgia. you see a guy crawling on his belly through a t-mobile store. >> were they open? >> they were not open.
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he's burglarizing this story. he knew he couldn't get into the t-mobile store because the back door was alarmed. what he did was break into the business next door and bust through the wall. one hole he broke through hit a pole. went over a few feet, bust add big hole in the wall so he could get through. they believe this could be an inside job because he's trying to avoid motion sensors in the cell phone store. >> this is like mission impossible. >> tom cruise. >> he knew exactly where he was going, which is fishy. >> he tried opening the safe, couldn't get in. here you see him using bolt cutters to open a cage where cell phones are stored. look what happens next. he takes a cell phone call while burglarizing a cell phone store. he gets away with approximately $30,000 in merchandise. >> and never tripped one of the
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motion sensors inside the building, anything like that. he had to have known exactly how this place was set up. >> this is a cold case. this happened last summer. police are releasing the video hoping to catch the guy. >> do you think the employee has opened the store saw the giant hole in the wall and thought the kool-aid man had done it? >> oh, yeah. god's eyes are sometimes security cameras, just ask brian chamberlain from, oklahoma. this comes from kotv in oklahoma. in tulsa police say they had security cameras running and caught this on video. the man you're seeing on video, police identify as chamberlain. they say he busted into the car -- >> turn the car around, shine the light on the person. he jumps in the car and we realize that somebody was breaking into our friend's car. >> police say heather cleveland followed him, called 911. police caught up to him and they
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say he confessed. they believe he's responsible for nearly two dozen burglaries. >> look at chamberlain's face. >> that's his face. look at what he took. playstations, perfume, books, car chargers, credit cards. a thing of deodorant. >> stick of deodorant. a, who keeps some of that stuff in their car. b, why would you steal it? >> maybe somebody wants a half empty bottle of perfume. >> a black market for deodorant. >> we believe he was responsible for a vast majority of burglary of vehicles. >> police say chamberlain was out on bail on other burglary charges. they say he's confessed and now facing complaints for burglary and drugs. this story from india is like a hollywood screen play. the one you're seeing on your screen is fatima. >> no bed to sleep on, i raised my son in extreme poverty. >> her 8-year-old son used to
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hop trains and sleep under the seats in order to make a little bit of money. her 5-year-old son idolized the 8-year-old boy. one day he hops the train with his older brother. they decided to get off the train at one point and the little 5-year-old was just too tired of walking, so he fell asleep. when he woke up he couldn't find his 8-year-old brother. so he went from train to train for days and days. he ended up in calcutta, which was 1400 miles away from his home. now, he got off the train in calcutta crying for his mother, trying to figure out what to do. he ended up at an orphanage where he was eventually adopted. the family decided to name him saru. the mother, of course, during this is heart broken. >> translator: i wanted the earth to swallow me up. my wife became worthless. >> for 25 years, this boy lived with his adopted family but
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couldn't forget his family, his brother he lost that day on the train. finally with the help of google earth. >> no. >> he zooms in on the neighborhood that he vaguely remembered and it sparked a memory. >> the landmark i noticed was the waterfall where i used to bathe. >> unbelievable. >> he finds his mother. not until he was reunited with his mother did he learn his older brother was killed jumping from train to train only a month after he lost his way. >> did he wind up growing up better than he would have. >> his birth mother even said she was incredibly grateful because his adopted family gave him a life she never could have. marathon running is no match for this guy. in fact, it took it up a notch hr the entire way. >> we're talking to the juggler to see if he finished strong or dropped the ball. next. and a next event with a
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delicious treat? >> oh, man, this is weird. >> why the controversy is just the icing on the cake. >> some people are ver
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6. earlier this week the boston marathon went down with runners going through unseasonably warm temperatures. check out what one person captured with the camera during one particular marathon party. >> what do you see here? >> juggling. >> a guy running the boston marathon juggling a ball the whole way. 22.6 miles isn't enough of a workout. >> i think this guy is probably smart because the juggling kept his mind off of the task at hasn't. >> yes. guess what, turns out he does this all the time. he's got a video of juggling while running. he likes to call this joggling,
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which is the most appropriate name of all time. we have him from durham, new hampshire, joining us to tell about it. >> did you drop the balls at all during the 26 miles? >> yes, i did. i managed to get the first 14 miles without dropping, which is a new record for me. i dropped six to eight times in the second half of the race. each of the balls is like 4.5 ounces. when you're throwing them thousands of thousands of times it definitely adds up. >> do you do this to keep your mind off the fact you're running a marathon. >> i've also been a runner and got into joggling because i knew how to yugoslavia juggle. it was something that plays to my strength. i'm training for a guinness world record. >> what's the world's record. >> the fastest time to joggel 50
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miles, the record is 8 hours. >> anybody come up and run beside you and go, dude, are you really juggling during this marathon? >> yes. runners were supportive. i would have fellow runners come and talk to me for a little bit. so they definitely were. according to a blogger named robby sherrard, there are three types of girlfriends when it comes to this one thing. >> let's say you get a girlfriend. she's probably going to fall into one of three categories as a girlfriend. >> what do you think this could be that separates women into three categories. >> cooking. >> how you text back and forth. >> both wrong. try again. >> driving. i have no idea. >> shopping? i don't know. >> let's just hear what robbie has to say. >> first type of girlfriend is very --
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>> i'm terrified of girlfriends. that freaks me out. that's a deal breaker right there. >> what the hell. he's really thought about this, too. he's really narrowed it down. >> you don't have to think about it if you've met the women. >> who is number three? >> here it comes. >> i'm with him. >> if you want to find what we're talking about and watch the entire video, head over to our website, this good deed didn't go quite as planned. anna and her mom were at the fish market and saw live crabs. anna being the sweet soul she is decided to buy a few crabs and set them free. >> you're throwing away your money at that point. >> i feel bad she didn't eat it. >> who knows if they can even live in this water. >> it could be a hostile environment. >> anna is suffering at the hands of the crab right now.
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the crab pinched on her fingers and won't let go. >> he won't let go. >> is he cutting your fingers. >> she's trying to get him in the water so he'll feel back home. she won't just yank it off? just yank it off. >> they are talking about cutting the claw. >> mom, it's going to cut off my finger. >> no, it's not. i'll cut off its claw. >> that crab doesn't want to go back in the water. >> he's like i don't like it here. i was fine where i was. >> he was in a tank. >> i thought it was sweet what anna was trying to do. it goes on for five minutes and the crab would not let government the description says it took another trelease. finally she got what she came here to do, she released the crab into the wild. >> this is going on youtube. anyone can jump once.
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but jump number two takes work. >> looks like in the video you have to climb back up. >> we're going over the edge with a crazy frenchman. we've seen cats play with an ipad and gorillas lured by an iphone. now see
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fluffy. macabre, you wouldn't exactly expect. >> this is weird. >> this cake was created by swedish artist, part of the world art this weekend at the stockholm museum of modern art. at this event elite members of the government including the culture minister. she is taking some flack for having participated. a lot of people are calling it racist, asking for her resignation. she said she was there because of the freedom of art and the right to provoke. some say the artist's intention was to illustrate history including the problem of female
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genital mutilation. >> some people are offended, posting things like this is tasteless, racist. some saying this discussion needed to happen. >> no matter what's going on here, i think his point is to draw discussion. if there's people talking about his display, his cake, and the people that were taking part in this and people getting possibly fired, he succeeded. >> want to know if it was good. what else would you do with a bridge like this. >> drive over it. >> that's what normal people would do. but this man decided to strap a go pro to his head, tie a rope to the bridge and say adieu. >> the rope wasn't even a springy rope. it was a rope rope. >> a nylon rope, designed not to
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get hurt when you fall. he's not the only one out there. he has his friend kaitlyn with him, too. she has the coolest reaction. >> sometimes that's all you can get out. >> i want to know what it takes to build the courage to do this. >> we have them joining us via skype. how do you work up the nerve to do this. >> just an extension of what i've been doing on my mountain bike. unfortunately moved, bought my own gear, set it up. it took a few minutes to work up the nerve to step off but it was a rush. >> tell us about tying a rope off the bridge, what you're wearing and how you stay safe. >> bigger is better. i'd rather -- you have to know your rope, rigging. i do a lot of rock climbing. i got one sufficient, one for safety. >> can you describe for me what
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it feels like. >> you jump off at first, you're like, i'm going to die. then you go from feel like you're going to die to having the biggest blast of your life. >> at the beginning feels like you're not falling and then you swing. >> correct me if i'm wrong, looks like in the video you have to climb back up. you have to climb. >> you have to climb. >> are you willing to tell us where this is? >> british columbia, canada. tha's abo as fa as m g is this illegal? >> as far as i know it's not illegal. >> good answer. time for when owls attack. see a mama
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usually when police are running after something, it's a suspect, right? >> yeah. >> not in this case. >> what the heck? [ laughter ] >> there's no suspect around. i don't know what happened to the motorcycle. i don't know if it's a motorcycle they are trying to get started. it gets started, he's trying to
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get on. the motorcycle is like screw you, i'm going on my own. >> if you're going to push start a bike, get on the bike. don't try and ride beside it. you can tell the officer thought about it for a s.e.c. should i hop on? i don't know if i can control this thing. let it go. he will never live this down at police headquarters. >> true. >> amongst playing angry birds. moms will do anything to protect their young. we know that. especially in the animal kingdom. an up close and personal view of just that. it's a great blue heron in her
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nest incubating her eggs. this herron is being attacked by a great horned owl. animal kingdom. that noise you're hearing is the herron reacting to the owl attacking her. >> that's loud. >> after the initial attack you can sort of see the heron stand up and see the owl attack again. the video is a 24/7 live feed set up on the lab of ornithology in the sap sucker woods pond in ithica, new york. wow. >> you might be thinking is the owl going for the eggs or is the owl going for the bird. i think the owl is going for the bird itself.
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owls will eat rodents, hares, rabbits. they are known to go after other birds, even birds as big as the herron. >> they are sitting there, so easy prey. >> who won the battle. >> eventually the owl gave up. the herron did survive without any noticeable injury. >> i'm mad at that old owl. they are supposed to be wise. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. have a great rest of your day thanks for joining us. have a great rest of your day and we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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